Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Get To Do List

Tomorrow is a special day, so today I have a long "To Do" List. Here it is:
Walk the dog
Empty the dishwasher
Clean Bathrooms
Change sheets
3 Loads Laundry
Vacuum and mop tile floors
Grocery Shop
Return some items
Call a friend
Sort some School papers and mail from yesterday
Make dinner
Attend "Meet the Teacher Night" at my son's school
Wash pants for my son this evening for school (I really need to get him another pair soon!)

When I look this list over, only one item stands out as something that I really want to do, and that is to call my friend. It has been too long since we've talked, and I miss him. I wish I could do that item first, but since he lives in California, I think it's a bit early in the morning! So, I guess I need an attitude change. Instead of thinking of my "To Do" List as a "have to do" list, I want to start thinking of it as a "get to do" List. A While back I read God Never Blinks: 50 Lesson's for Life's Little Detours, by Regina Brett. I highly recommend it. She tells about her uncle, who went through life with this attitude, and it was life-changing. What if we all looked at our "Lists" and thought to ourselves, "Look what I get to do today!" without any sarcasm. What if we appreciated the opportunity to serve our family and our friends? What if it turns out that this is actually self-serving? Let's try it this week. And do your self a favor. Get the book!

Monday, September 20, 2010

School has Started!

Well, school has begun, and this is a big year for us, as my daughter has begun 7th grade at a public school, while my son is in 5th grade at parochial school. My son's school has a new principal, and it turns out she knows my mother-in-law pretty well! We've always relied on my daughter to tell us what's going on at school, and she's doing a great job! However, since she's no longer at the same school as the younger one, we have already sent him to school in casual uniform on a dress uniform day! I need to get better at this two different school thing!

I'm so proud of both of the kids! My son seems to be working much harder this year, and has already completed half of his first book report. It helps that he has an hour at home of quiet before my daughter comes home.

She is doing well at school, and has already joined Art Club, been moved up to accelerated Math, and was complimented on her writing by her teacher. The teacher said she was writing at a high school level! She is struggling to find friends, but it is only the second full week of school, and that will come.

OK, enough bragging. We had a great weekend. For once the weather was nice, and it was my weekend off! We had soccer games on Saturday, then went to mass. My mother-in-law watched the kids for us so we could go to the SU football game. The team played well against Maine, and won! We came home and ordered pizza and wings, which we ate at 11:00 PM!

Sunday got off to a slow start, but my husband managed to hang some cabinets in the basement, and then we went to Skaneatles. We wandered through the shops, and I bought next year's calendar, and got a little bauble. Finally, we had dinner at the Blue Water Grill, one of my favorite places! It was a wonderful weekend! Great way for my husband and I to celebrate our birthdays! Only problem was that my son seems to have come down with a sore throat. Pushing liquids, and having him gargle with salt water--hope that takes care of it!

I also made a card that was a copy of Jennifer McGuire's card that she did for Creating Keepsakes last week. I didn't have any metallic chalks, but I think it turned out pretty well, anyway! I plan to give it to my husband's aunt who turns ninety tomorrow! You can view more cards and learn great stamping techniques at Jennifer's blog Jennifer McGuire, ink.com.
This is Jennifer's card. It's really beautiful, don't you think?
Here is my humble copy. I wish I had Jennifer's talent and originality!

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