Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break

We are on Spring Break here in Central NY, and although the weather is cooler than in the last few weeks, it is pretty nice. I'm starting this blog as sort of a journal of this little life of mine. I am a mostly stay at home mom, married 14 years a week from tomorrow. I have two kids, a daughter, who is 11, and a son who is 9. We also have a dog, Copper, who is a rescue dog, and whom we all adore.
If you are wondering about the title of this blog, it comes from a friend of mine, who can never remember where I am from! I moved here from Iowa almost 16 years ago, but she has given up on remembering, and just tells people I am from "Idowa". In her mind, this combines the 3 possibilities of Iowa, Idaho, and Ohio. (Apparently all 3 states are too far west to be bothered with!)
So today is Monday, and I am struggling to make sure we spend some time enjoying the day, and still get the chores done! I have some real clutter issues, due in part to my desire to try every paper craft out there, and in part to my desire to shop for everything I might possibly need to do the craft, especially anything new that's out there! I don't have an unlimited budget, or anything, but I tend to grab every coupon, and shop every sale!
  1. So, expect to see some Before and After shots of my home,, in addition to some of the cards and scrap pages I make! Today I resolve to finish the laundry, and get rid of several bags of clutter from the bedrooms!

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