Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Elementary School

Here are some photos of my elementary school.  It was called St. Katherine's St. Mark's.  Although it was once an Epicopalian school, when I attended, it was no longer had a religious affiliation.  Originally it was built as a mansion for the Bettendorfs, who invented a train wheel mechanism.  
                                          The front Entrance.
 The "courtyard" of the Carriage House, where my sister attended  kindergarten, but they called it "Jr. First Grade."
                                               Exterior porch outside the lunch room.
 This was taken through a window, but it is where I used to eat my lunch!
 Ok, I remembered these as lions, but I guess they are wolves.
We used to sled down this hill in the winter time!!

Hope you enjoyed!  If you'd like to see the mansion in some of its original state, Google "Bettendorf Mansion, and be sure to look at the Putnam Museum's photos.

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  1. how cool is this....thanks for sharing
    mandyb off SC message boards


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